At The Springtime School, research-based ABA methods are the foundation of our curriculum.  This includes Functional Behavior Analysis, Activity Schedules, and Errorless Teaching. Our one-on-one classrooms allow for constant supervision and reinforcement of our students.

When selecting a service provider, we understand that the choice can be difficult and often confusing. And we recognize that school placement often is a decision that is out of your hands. Before you make your decision, please take the time to schedule a free tour using the form on the right.

Are you interested in insurance based ABA therapy, or looking for some help at night?

Our sister company, Potential Inc. provides enhanced services for just that purpose. Just like our school, our clinic’s format uses one-on-one therapy sessions and can take place at our clinic, or in a client’s home, school, or in the community. The following are just some of the services that Potential Inc. offers:

  • ABA therapy
  • Community inclusion
  • Toilet training
  • Social skills classes
  • Vocational training
  • Employment assistance

Interested in more information? Please visit the Potential Inc. website to find out about the many ABA programs we can provide to your family.

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