What ages do you serve?

The Springtime School is licensed as an Elementary School and High School. This covers first through twelfth grades. High School Students may attend until the age of 21. Potential Inc., our parent company, serves all ages. Click here for the Potential Inc. website.

Do you serve any other type of disability?

The Springtime School believes in an individualized education based on strengths and needs. However, the Pennsylvania Department of Education requires us to specify that we will only serve individuals on the Autism Spectrum. Students will be eligible for enrollment if they have a diagnosis of Autism, PDD NOS, or other spectrum label. Students may have a diagnosis in addition to Autism such as MR, ADD/ADHD, Down Syndrome, or other medical or mental health diagnosis.

How much is tuition at your school?

The tuition is individualized based upon the needs of the student. The tuition for all students includes 210 school days per year. A public school is only open for 180 days per year plus additional time if Extended School Year (ESY) services are approved. School districts generally pay the tuition for students that they are unable to educate within the district. Families may pay privately or seek funding through the CLC Scholarship Organization EITC Program, in which we participate. Eligible students will receive a decrease in tuition if scholarship funds are available.

When are new students accepted?

Admissions are accepted on a rolling basis. Our school operates year-round, therefore, it is not necessary to wait until September for admission.

What is the admission process?

Interested parents and/or school representatives should submit copies of current evaluations and the most recent IEP for review. A tour and interview would then be scheduled with the student and parents. Additional observations may be requested of the student along with interviews of current and previous providers. A notice of acceptance would then be sent to the family and school district, after which time a contract for services may be extended with the start date for services.

How many children are in your school?

At this time, our school can serve 24 children. Each classroom will serve up to 4 children. We are small so that we may maintain the highest quality intervention and personal attention to each student and their family.

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